Performance Modification

Whether you're a track enthusiast seeking the perfect lap time or simply looking to amplify your daily driving experience, our performance modifications will awaken your inner speed demon. The open road is your canvas, and your exotic car is the masterpiece waiting to be revealed.

Unleash Exhilarating Power

Elevate your exotic car's performance with aftermarket upgrades that focus on the engine. Experience a surge in power and torque by installing turbochargers, superchargers, or high-performance exhaust systems. These enhancements promise breathtaking acceleration and blistering top-end speed, allowing you to truly unlock your car's potential.

Precision Handling Refinement

Elevate your exotic car's handling to a whole new level. Our aftermarket upgrades offer fine-tuned suspension solutions, including adjustable shocks, springs, and sway bars. These modifications enhance your car's responsiveness, providing exceptional cornering capabilities and a more connected driving experience.

Elevate Agility with Lightweight Components

Opt for a weight reduction strategy that enhances your car's agility. Lightweight aftermarket components, such as carbon fiber body panels and forged wheels, can significantly trim your vehicle's weight. The result? Improved acceleration, better braking, and a car that effortlessly dances through curves.

Exquisite Appeal with Aesthetic Upgrades

Transform your exotic car into a work of art with aesthetic upgrades that go beyond custom paint jobs. From stylish body kits to bespoke wheel designs, these modifications allow you to express your individual style and make a stunning visual statement. Make your exotic car truly one-of-a-kind while enhancing its curb appeal.

We Love Your Car As Much As You Do, And It Shows

What Our Customers Say

From small routine maintenance tasks to custom builds for a unique exotic, our team is here to get the job done.

Great people, great service, passionate, and the best communication I’ve had with any automotive repair company. Being in the car industry within the nashville area I’ve seen it and experienced it all. However, I wanted to try them out because I had seen some friends, who don’t just trust anyone with their cars, begin to send their vehicles there. I had the iconic Audi power steering go bad which triggered many other electrical faults within my Audi S7. Audi quoted me +$7k so I had it sent over to them to get their opinion on it. Within a couple weeks they got their hands on a nationally back ordered rack and pinion, and they replaced it, reprogrammed all my other faults, and realigned my car. Not to mention I paid less then half of what Audi quoted me. Lane and Mike kept me updated every step of the way more than any company I’ve ever worked with. They know high end cars better than anyone, and they love what they do. Absolutely no complaints!

Keyarash Namjoupanah

Exotic did an awesome job on my gen 1 R8 ECU & TCU tune! Highly recommend these guys!

Thomas Harris

This is the best shop in the Nashville area for exotic car repairs and maintenance. They have helped me for a couple of years now with my Lambo Gallardo and I couldn't be happier! I would recommend them to anyone. Very friendly, knowledgeable and quick service.

Marcus Lavender

So glad I found these guys. After having such a hard time finding a reputable shop a friend referred me to Holland and the crew at Exotic Autosport. These guys were first class all the way. Communication was perfect while they had my lotus. Other shops took months to call me back and set an appointment these guys had me in and out in less than a week. Won’t use anyone else.

Jay Cruze

I am so thankful for Lane and Mike - I bought my dream car (2011 Gallardo) and it broke the minute I got it home. The ignition switch went bad and to order a new one from Italy was going to take months. These guys got creative and repaired my old one in a week’s time and at a very fair price. They even came to my house since my car was stuck in the garage. Best service ever!

Spencer Lathrop

I abuse a lot of high dollar cars, more than they were arguably made to be abused, and time and time again exotic auto sport comes through to fix these quickly, affordable, and perfectly. Thanks for keeping my cars on the road Mike and Lane!

Chandler Welling

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